Kingswood Park

Three Rivers Park District’s newest acquisition, Kingswood Park, is open for interim use. The park consists of 106 acres of land in Minnetrista on Little Long Lake. The park includes 70 percent of the lake’s shoreline as well as a tamarack bog and a unique glacial landscape. The lake and surrounding uplands are considered some of the most pristine, high-quality natural resources in the area.

Parking is available at a small lot on Kingswood Road; however, drinking water and restrooms are currently not available. Trails are designated for hiking only; bicycles, dogs and horses are prohibited at this time.

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Wooded hiking trail

1.4 miles of trails

Kingswood Park is open for interim use only with approximately 1.35 miles of turf trails in the north portion of the park are available for hiking.

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Natural Resources

Three Rivers takes great care to preserve the natural beauty of this park through the efforts of the Natural Resources division.

Future Development

Future development will be guided by a master plan. Until the master plan, resource stabilization and restoration is complete, park access will be limited. Watch for details and updates on this page.


Environment and Natural Resources Trust FundFunding to purchase a portion of the land for this park was provided by the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund.

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