SnowSports Academy

Three Rivers offers downhill skiing and snowboarding lessons for all ages and abilities in the Twin Cities. SnowSports Academy instructors are some of the best in the Midwest and use proven teaching techniques to help students learn these fun and challenging winter sports.

Choose from public lessons and private or semi-private lessons, based on your needs and preference. Students are evaluated on the first day and separated into groups by age and ability. All lessons include lift ticket. Optional equipment rental is available.

Registration–create an account

new registration system screen

New Registration System–Create Your Account

Three Rivers has a new online experience and registration system. Get ready for registration and create your account before Oct. 23. Enter information about yourself and add family members. Before saving, make sure the Birthday fields are completed or you will not be able to register.

How to Register

Public Lessons: Register online or call 763.559.6700.
Private Lessons: In person* or by phone (Hyland Hills: 763.694.7800 ext. 2; Elm Creek: 763.694.2050)

*Pre-season Hyland Hills Chalet hours: 10 AM–5 PM Monday–Friday, beginning Oct. 23. 9 AM–Noon Saturdays, beginning Nov. 4.

Registration Dates

Public Lessons: Oct. 23 at 8:00 AM
Private Lessons: Nov. 13
Competitive Teams (at Elm Creek): Sept. 18

Elm Creek Winter Recreation Area, Maple Grove

The Winter Recreation Area at Elm Creek features rope and handle tow lifts, several runs and a terrain park with jumps and rails. Adult and children's ski and snowboard lesson registration opens Oct. 23, along with convenient equipment rental.

View the Elm Creek SnowSports Academy brochure.

Hyland Hills Ski Area, Bloomington

Recognized as one of the finest snowsports schools, the ski area at Hyland Hills offers programs and lessons for every level of skier or rider. Registration opens Oct. 23.  Hyland Hills features chair lifts, rope tows, conveyor lifts, a progressive terrain park and nine runs.

View the Hyland Hills SnowSports Academy brochure.

Public Lessons

Public lessons are offered throughout the winter season for youth and adults. Most sessions are three weeks, and lessons are 90 minutes. All public lessons include lift ticket. Note: There are no refunds for classes that are missed or cancelled by students.

Registration opens Oct. 23 at 8:00 AM.

Register in person, online or by phone at:

Elm Creek: 763.559.6700
Hyland Hills: 763.694.7800 ex. 2

Private and Semi-private Instruction

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, personal ski and snowboarding instruction allows you to learn at your own pace and realize your goals. The SnowSports Academy professional instructors focus on making you a better skier or snowboarder in a fun, relaxed environment.

Lift tickets are included in lesson fees; rentals are not. Scheduling is based on instructor availability.

Registration Begins Nov. 13

Register in person or by phone.

Hyland Hills: 763.694.7800 ext. 2
Elm Creek: 763.694.2050

Competitive Teams

Elm Creek offers a number of competitive clubs that provide skill development opportunities for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities.

Registration begins Sept. 18. 

Register online or by phone at 763.559.6700.


Day of Lesson, Check in Early

Check in at the SnowSports Academy desk at least one hour in advance of your first lesson to receive lift and rental package and lesson information.

Missed Lessons/Refunds

No refunds or ticket replacements for any missed or cancelled classes.

Rescheduling Fee

There is a $40 fee (sales tax not included) for rescheduling of any lesson. Non-payment of a rescheduling fee constitutes a cancellation. There is no refund for classes cancelled by the participant.

Weather Closures

Classes missed due to weather closures will be made up as determined by the SnowSports Academy. Hyland Ski & Snowboard Area and Elm Creek Winter Recreation Area will close when wind chill temperatures reach -35º or the air temperature reaches -25º as measured at each location. We reserve the right to operate the facility in accordance with weather conditions, skier traffic or slope maintenance.


Have questions? We're happy to answer them. Call 763.559.6700.