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How to Protect Yourself and Prevent Ticks

By: Steven Hogg

April 24, 2019

Ticks are inevitable in nature, but they are a risk that can easily be prevented! Find ways to protect yourself from wood and deer ticks and learn more about the symptoms of tick-borne diseases.

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

By: Alyssa Schauer

April 22, 2019

Happy Earth Day! This national holiday gives a voice to the environment and implements an emerging awareness about the effects of human impact on the planet. Find 5 ways to celebrate Earth Day today and every day. 

Discover Poetry in Nature at Silverwood Park

By: Eileen Cohen

April 15, 2019

Did you know that you can find poetry along the trails of Silverwood Park? In honor of National Poetry Month, learn about this art, the voices you can hear on the trail, and why you might want to give it a try yourself.

Frog Tongues — A Sticky Situation

By: Brandon Baker

April 08, 2019

The arrival of spring brings with it the call of frogs! Learn how these amazing creatures survive winter and find out the truth about frog tongues.

Did you know that nature is at the very heart of the story of how the Twin Cities came to be? Like this year’s spring floods, it all started with an extreme buildup of snow and ice. Learn about the series of events that led to the founding of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The Rewards and Challenges of #30DaysofBiking

By: Judy McDowell

April 01, 2019

Could you ride your bike every day for 30 days straight? Learn about the joys and perils of biking daily in April in Minnesota in this firsthand account, then make a pledge to join #30daysofbiking. 

A Beginner's Guide to Trail Running

By: Katie Porath

March 25, 2019

Tired of running on pavement or treadmills? Love being in nature? Give trail running a try! Learn how to get started, where to go and what to expect. For an extra challenge, sign up for the Allina Health Trail Mix Race on April 13.

Lowry Nature Center has been connecting families with nature through a rock hunt for almost 50 years. Explore how Lowry's oldest tradition has changed over the years.

Happy Trails and Tails: Bringing Your Dog to the Parks

By: Mary Christine Kane

March 11, 2019

Three Rivers Park District offers ample opportunities for your dog to explore the parks. Learn some etiquette and safety tips to help ensure your visit is safe and full of tongue-hanging fun.

Species Spotlight: Sugar Maples

By: Paul Kortebein

March 06, 2019

Sugar maples are one of the most well-known native trees around the Twin Cities, but how much do you really know about them?

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