Carver Singletrack Trail

Three Rivers Park District is developing a singletrack trail within Carver Park Reserve in partnership with the One Track Mind Foundation.

The singletrack trail will be located in the western portion of the park reserve and will be 10 miles long. It will be an off-road, unpaved, singletrack trail, similar to the trails at Elm Creek, Lake Rebecca and Murphy-Hanrehan park reserves, and it will be open year-round.

View the Carver Singletrack Trail Map.

Construction started in 2019 and is expected to continue through spring and summer of 2020. We are projecting the trail will be open for riding in late summer or early fall of 2020.

Construction Updates

April 29 - Spring Construction Update

A dirt mountain biking trail turns a corner around some trees.

Construction on the new singletrack trail is expected to resume in mid-May. Work began in September and trail builders cut-in approximately one third of the trail last fall before construction paused for the winter season.

Beginning in May, trail builders will complete the section started last fall and start working on the remaining two thirds of the trail. Trail crossings, bridges and boardwalks will also be constructed and installed.

Construction is expected to take approximately three months to complete, so we anticipate opening the trail in late summer or fall.

This spring, bikers have been observed riding the unfinished trails. We ask everyone to please be respectful and stay off the trail until it is open. Use of the unfinished trail can damage it, disrupt the trail builders and delay trail completion.

Oct. 21 — Trail Begins to Take Shape

A dirt trail winds through a park in the fall.

A dirt trail takes a sharp curve in the grass.

A packed dirt mountain bike trail through the woods is scattered with yellow leaves.

Sept. 9 ⁠— Construction Underway

After reviewing feedback from the public, we have adjusted and finalized the design for the Carver singletrack trail, and construction started the first week of September. 

A bobcat construction vehicle creates a path through a park.

In partnership

Orange and white one track mind logo.This project is being developed in partnership with the One Track Mind Foundation

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