Why We Love Grandparent Camp

By: Anne Jaeger

January 14, 2019

Category: People of the Parks

At the Baker Outdoor Learning Center, we run several camps over the course of the summer for youth and families, but the camp that we consider the cutest of all camps is Grandparent Camp! There is a special bond between grandparents and grandchildren that grows at camp. 

To give you a taste of Grandparent Camp, we asked one set of grandparents, Zona and Gregg, to share their answers to the following questions.

Where do you live and how many grandchildren do you have? 

Our six grandsons from Monticello and St. Michael join us for a fun-filled Grandparent Camp. 

How many years have you been coming to Grandparent Camp?

We feel privileged to have a six-year trek with our boys at Grandparent Camp.

Have you always gone camping with your family?

Prior to the Three River Park District's Grandparent Camp weekend we tried a couple camp outs in the backyard. It was great fun for our little boys, but they truly love the adventures the naturalists and Outdoor Learning Center offer.

Why do you return to Grandparent Camp year after year?

We return to Grandparent Camp each year for so many reasons. We love the combination of free time and scheduled activities the camp provides. The boys would boast of the games and songs on opening night, s’mores, building forts, rock climbing, archery, learning about wildlife and seeing it up close, canoeing, swimming, and spending time with their cousins and Grandma and Grandpa, too. The boys enjoy the staff of naturalists, and in our experience they go above and beyond to teach and interact with each of them. 

Any particularly special memories for your family at camp?

We have so many special memories. Seeing and being with the boys as they learn, laugh and simply spend time together is our joy.  

What would you tell other grandparents?

Our grandsons seem to gauge their summer timeline by asking: "Is that before or after Grandparent Camp?"  When summer revolves around Grandparent Camp, you know you've touched their spirit.

Grandparent Camp is just one of the many camps offered throughout the Twin Cities by Three Rivers. Learn about history, science, nature and more! Browse all summer camp offerings and mark your calendar for January 22, 2020!

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