A Love Letter to Gale Woods Farm

By: Mari Melby

February 12, 2021

Category: People of the Parks

Note: This post was originally published February 5, 2021 at MariMelby.com.

My first time at Gale Woods Farm was in March of 2019 on a freezing cold, March day. We saw the new piglets, brushed the Great Pyrenees dogs, and helped tap the trees for maple syrup. 

Since that day, we have returned many times on our own and as part of educational offerings at the farm. We have baked pumpkin muffins, made apple cider, fed popcorn to turkeys, apples to cows and veggies to pigs. We have run over and around hay bales, picnicked in the fields, ridden our bikes on the gravel road, hiked with Spud the cat as our companion, and given the dogs many, many hugs and pats. We mourned the loss of Delilah the Great Pyrenees and cannot wait to meet the new pup, Ursa. 

Gale Woods has been one of the few places we have felt safe venturing out to during the pandemic. The farm’s amazing meat and produce made our isolated holiday celebrations still feel special. Most recently, we have been taking an online class about wool that makes us still feel connected to the farm when it feels too cold to venture out there in person. Gale Woods Farm has been such a special part of my children’s childhood, and so for that, I say thank you and we love you, Gale Woods Farm! Happy Valentine’s Day!


The Melby Family

a young blond boy and young blond girl picking apples in the grass
Collecting fallen apples to feed the cows as part of a class at Gale Woods Farm in September 2019. Photo courtesy of Mari Melby.
a boy in a bike helmet hugging the white great pyrenees dog Orion at Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista
Nothing beats a hug from Orion. Photo courtesy of Mari Melby.
a young blond toddler petting sheep through a fence at Gale Woods Farm in Minnestrista
We love to pat the sheep. Photo courtesy of Mari Melby.
two kids sitting on top of hay bales watching a cloudy sky at Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista
Admiring the views from atop the hay bales. Photo courtesy of Mari Melby.
two children in a sled at the bottom of a snowy hill at Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista
Visiting the farm on a cold pandemic day in January 2021. Photo courtesy of Mari Melby.


About the Author

profile picture of mari in a winter coat petting a shepherd dog in the snow

Mari Melby is a freelance writer and editor based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a parent, an avid reader, a dog lover and an outdoor adventurer. Learn more about Mari on her blog at MariMelby.com.


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