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A historical interpreter walks us through his favorite part of one of his favorite parks, uncovering some unwritten history.

Did you know that one of Three Rivers' parks was formerly a summer camp? Learn more about Silverwood Park’s history.

Learn about the 25-year history of Three Rivers’ ice harvest celebration and what this event can tell us about the climate. 

The History of Finding Peace in the Parks

By: Mandy Wintheiser

May 19, 2020

For centuries, parks have provided people an outlet from the stress of daily life. Learn about the history of parks in the U.S., including Three Rivers Parks, as places for relaxation and leisure.

Winter Solstice: Stories and Traditions From Around the World

By: Michelle Bierma & Tim Reese

December 09, 2019

Winter solstice falls on December 21 and marks the shortest day of the year. Discover solstice stories told around the world and explore ancient celebrations honoring this magical time of year.

Little was known about the winter whereabouts of the monarch butterfly until the mid-1970s. Subtle factors, persistence and a network of people working across borders came together to finally reveal the mystery of the great monarch migration. Read on to learn how Minnesota occupies an important place in the history of monarch research.

Did you know that nature is at the very heart of the story of how the Twin Cities came to be? Like this year’s spring floods, it all started with an extreme buildup of snow and ice. Learn about the series of events that led to the founding of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Lowry Nature Center has been connecting families with nature through a rock hunt for almost 50 years. Explore how Lowry's oldest tradition has changed over the years.

Ice Harvesting

By: Tim Graf

January 21, 2019

Have you ever wondered how food and drinks were kept cold in the years before electric refrigeration? Learn more about the history of the ice harvesting industry and try it out for yourself at Ice Harvesting Day on January 26.

Lowry Nature Center turns 50 years old in 2019. Discover how the dream of one man became a reality and how Goodrich Lowry helped shape the future of what is now Three Rivers Park District.


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