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cross country skiing Cross-country Skiing

Winter in Minnesota brings scenic, snowy landscapes and crisp, fresh air. It’s the perfect backdrop for cross-country skiing. This recreational activity is a peaceful way to explore the parks in winter while getting a great, low-impact workout. Three Rivers features 70 miles of groomed cross-country ski trails at various locations. Trails are available for skiers of all skill levels. A driver’s license or photo ID for deposit is required for equipment rental.

Current cross-country ski trail conditions

Where to find it

What you need

Cross-country Ski Passes
A pass is required for all skiers age 12 and older during the winter season.


Good to Know


Three Rivers offers cross-country ski lessons for adults and children, including adapted sit-ski lessons. Lessons will help you glide into action on the trails this winter.


Join a ski club and meet others with a passion for cross-country skiing.


We work to ensure the accessibility of our parks and trails for all people. Cross-country sit-skis are available for use at several locations.

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