Natural Resources is responsible for restoring and protecting natural resources—such as native plant communities, wildlife diversity and water quality—in Three Rivers' park reserves and regional parks. Our Natural Resources section includes Forestry ManagementWildlife Management and Water Resources Management

Our policy for the planning and management of natural resources distinguishes us from other park and recreation agencies in Minnesota. Specifically, our policy allows no more than 20 percent of a park reserve to be developed for active use and requires that at least 80 percent of the park reserve be restored to and retained in a natural state. In keeping with this policy, we are actively involved in the preservation and restoration of wildlife and plant species.

Three Rivers' staff and volunteers have been working hard for years to meet the challenges of invasive species. We rely on a team of volunteers to support this and many other Natural Resources efforts. Please contact us if you're interested in becoming an important part of this team.

Natural Resources Management Workshops To Be Held
Wednesday, April 23; Eastman Nature Center
Saturday, April 26; Hyland Visitor Center
The public is invited to participate in two workshops about managing natural resources in Three Rivers Park District lands and waters. The purpose of the workshops is to solicit input from the public, park users and the Park District’s natural resources management partners to help inform and shape the development of a Three Rivers comprehensive natural resources management plan. See workshop details.